How would answer this interview question?

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  1. Second interview and the guy asks me . .

    What your biggest weakness?

    I was stumped. What do you say? Who prepares by thinking about their weak points?

    How would answer that?
  2. I would say, my biggest weakness is trying not to kick the shit out of people that ask me stupid ass questions, but that probably wouldn't fly.:D
    Seriously, you have to attempt to turn an apparent weakness into a strength in that situation. You might say something like, being a do whatever it takes to get the job done kind of a guy, I sometimes get frustrated with people that seem to give up easily. Translation, you'll sing the company song, buy the company bullshit, and you think everyone else should too.
  3. I like bogus answers like "My biggest weakness? Hmmm...well, I suppose it's that I just work too hard. I never let up. I'm just too darn creative and productive, and, frankly, it irritates my coworkers..."

  4. and add to the end of that statement "and i'm WAY too humble considering my abilities" :)
  5. There you go.

    CO nailed it.
  6. very common question basically designed to see how you respond and handle yourself under fire. answer probably isn't as important as how you hold your composure.

    they say you should try to find some experience or trait and spin it into a positive. eg. you are overly ambitious and sometimes get ahead of yourself without laying the needed groundwork to succeed. then explain how you have overcome this by putting forth a much more concerted planning effort before jumping. bs basically.
  7. lol
  8. Try to look at a previous job you had and something that may have been a weakness in it, but would be considered a strength to the new career you are looking for. Maybe the new job is one in which you have to be very thorough with your work. Say something like well one weakness I had at my last job was that I was very thorough with my work, and the job demanded less time on a wide variety of tasks. You want to make it sound a little better than that. Every interview I ever went into, I have been asked this question. So expect it to come up every time. If you have no previous work experience, then apply it to your schooling.
  9. This is what I was hoping for . . . more of a pyschology test.

    They were not interested in what I said, just that I could think quick on my feet in stressful situation . .

    I answered. I said that " I wouldn't say I have one outstanding weakness. I'm fairly strong across the board. . . If I had to answer I would say that sometimes I expect too much from myself or that I'm eager in certain situations . . ."

    It was choppy but I'm sure it came across as sincere!
  10. Be honest.

    Something like "The boss's wife. My hand would unintentionally find itself up her skirt, hence the reason I am interviewing."

    Then proceed to ask if that is his wife in the family picture on his desk. :cool:
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