How would an oil futures chart look if denoted in Euros?

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  1. Hi,

    I live in the U.S., and here is an image of a chart of the oil futures for the past couple of years, as denoted in US dollars. How does an oil futures chart look to Europeans, in other words as denoted in Euros?

    Can someone from Europe please post a picture of your oil futures chart for the past year or two? I want to see an oil futures chart denoted in Euros.

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  2. sorry, here is the image.
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  4. Thanks. Any chance you could post that on a 1-year (or 2-year) timeframe, rather than a 30-year timeframe?

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  5. Thanks. I don't know quite how to interpret that. It looks like crude is selling for 0.7 euros per barrel? lol. No really, just kidding, but how do you interpret that?

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  6. Oh actually, I guess the decimal must simply be off two places, right? Oh ok, got it I think, lol.

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  7. Any chance you could point out where I can find a list of commodities that are supported by They claim they don't offer commodities charting.. Even if its just a continuous chart, no biggie, just want to know the syntax I should be using.
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  9. lol.
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