How will you trade this war knowing that

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  1. - Frank C. Carlucci (Cochair), Chairman, The Carlyle Group and Rand (see below details)

    - The head of security at the World Trade Center, John O'Neill, was killed on September 11. Two weeks earlier he had quit his job as a Deputy Director of the FBI, complaining that Big Oil interests were hampering his investigation of Islamic terrorism."

    - Bruce Hoffman, vice-president of Rand Corporation ( the biggest private think tank in defense , subventioned by tax payers and paying no tax, but above all a direct link to CARLYLE GROUP see below ), VISIONED 6 months before 11th September in a US Army Conference THE SO "UNPREDICTABLE" SCENARIO of the 11TH SEPTEMBER !!!

    This was at a conference called "Twenty-First Century Terrorism, in The Terrorism Threat and US Government response : Operational and Organizational Factors, US Air Force Academy, Institute for National Security Studies, March 2001. The text of Bruce Hoffman was available here but has been erased :

    I have just a french version extract:

    " nous essayons de préparer nos armes contre Al-Queda, l'organisation - ou peut-être le mouvement- associé à Ben Laden " (…) " Pensez un moment à ce que fut l'attentat à la bombe contre le World Trade Center, en 1993. Maintenant, rendez-vous compte qu'il est possible de faire tomber la tour Nord sur la tour Sud et de tuer 60 000 personnes " (…) " Ils trouveront d'autres armes, d'autres tactiques et d'autres moyens pour atteindre leurs cibles. Ils ont un choix évident d'armes, dont les drones [c'est-à-dire des avions télécommandés] ".

    - Now the best since 11th September RAND, never cease to ask for more and more budgets because since it is SO "UNPREDICTABLE" there is a HUGE NEED FOR INCREASED BUDGET DEFENSE. And since Carluci is both at the head of RAND and CARLYLE investor in DEFENSE - and who had BEN LADEN FAMILY AS BIGGEST STOCKHOLDERS until 11th September and until Wall Street Journal Revelation of Carlyle link to the Ben Laden Family.
  2. I forget the Babelfish translation of rand's speech :D (6 months before 11th september ):

    "we try to prepare our weapons against Al-Queda, the organization - or perhaps the movement associated with Ben Laden" (?)"Think one moment so that was the bombing against World Trade Center, in 1993. Now, go account which it is possible to make fall the Northern tower on the Southern lathe and to kill 60 000 people "(?)" They will find others weapons, other tactics and other means to reach their targets. They have an obvious choice of weapons, of which the drones [ i.e. radio controlled air crafts ] ".
  3. If I was Soros I would short those suckers of Arabio-US Big Oil Interests to death ! Happily I'm not Soros :D
  4. I'd like to get my hands on some Carlyle shares! But they're privately owned. :(

    It is a *sure thing* like there has never been in history. Whether or not you believe Dubya is favorably biased toward his own father (and thus his own inheritance), every move George W. has made for the last year or two has proved immensely profitable for Carlyle. George Bush Sr.'s personal holdings in Carlyle apparently rose $227 million the day they got the large contract from Dubya for missiles for the Afghanistan skirmish. Note: This was reported in the news (I'd have to search for the link), but it's hard to prove or disprove, since Carlyle is a private firm who doesn't have to report their dealings in an SEC filing or the like.

    Here's an interesting link:

    and another:

    Red Herring reports that the Binladens only invested $2 million in Carlyle. I think there's no way this number is correct. My friend Brian, who's a dentist, won't even look at investments that small, so imagine the incredibly wealthy Binladen family putting such a paltry investment in such a "sure thing". More likely, Carlyle reps are trying to distance themselves now that the "fit has hit the shan", so to speak.

    Would Binladen start a war to inflate his own investment in Carlyle as well as his family's construction companies in the Middle East (one investment destoys, the other rebuilds what was destroyed)? Would Bush start one for similar reasons? I can't rule out the possibility of personal gain influencing these leaders' decisions... Either way, military spending, oil, and defence-related industries are heading for serious volatility and profit opportunities. I say find the companies who profit from war and get onboard while you still can. George's mind has been made up about going to war, evidence or no evidence, since 2001. And Osama's body was never found, but the troops weren't looking in Switzerland or the Turks and Caicos Islands...
  5. Let's just remark something funny: medias did not hesitate to say that Clinton made his war just to make forget of Monika Levinski but not many of them dare say that Bush just COULD (just the hypothesis) do the same thing for just a little hundreds of million dollars and forget their business with Saddam, BCCI, Ben Laden family (2 million $ gee what a farce I must have some news elsewhere from Wall Street Journal or others that say that they were main shareholders in Carlyle). The business between Bush and Ben Laden is known by journalists to have last for many years do you really think that it is just for 2 millions arf this is really funny; even the Bush_Saddam deal gives them 10 millions each so with Ben Laden which is a huge fortune ... ). And what a coïncidence that all these persons were doing business, including general of Pakistan, through BCCI ! Even without Ben Laden family this would be just sick ! Didn't Bush Junior promise that he will separate his interest from business. Sure he did but he didn't extend to his whole family :D

    And also read the details because Hell is in details. How can they pretend to say that they could not predict the unpredictable since they have exactly discussed the scenario 6 months ago with US army ?!!! And what a strange coïncidence that the experts came from the same Fundation that is directed by Carlucci ! And what a coïncidence that we have Bush; and what a coïncidence that we have Ben Laden family. Well well well, you must be a pavlov dog if one single neurone in your brain doesn't flash a little bit :)

    And the poor director of FBI, did they execute him by just nominating director of WTC what also a coïncidence since he just accused them of collusion with Big Oil interest 15 days before ?!!!
  6. there have also been reports that the arabs have been hoarding gold and dumping dollars and american stocks for several years.

    The attack on NY was deliberately aimed at the stock and commodity markets, so it is naive to think that nobody made any money from it.

    As far as the RAND people go, they are very smart which is what they get paid for, so its no suprise they suspected something. Oliver North, the guy every liberal hates, warned congress about Osama Bin Laden over a decade ago and he was laughed at.
  7. as far as trading goes, I am treating the war like an earnings report that is expected to be bad.

    The market is dropping in anticipation of the bad news, but when the news comes out it won't be as bad as people think, and there will be a rally.
  8. The more thorough official inquiry has been made with BCCI. And it sure showed that BCCI was trying to do something with the dollars. The strange thing is that Congress alert Central Bank and Central Bank just do nothing to help them. In fact it is not astonishing since Central Bank is directed by Rockfeller's interest which has also connection with what is happening. But it is another long story and you will perhaps hear in medias in the future something very huge if they can't cover it up because it is worst than WTC and it shows directly that Nazis are coming back.

  9. I said on another post that it is known that war relaunch the economic machine since it is the pretext to give some gifts to defense manufacturers. It can be read in college level history book. So war is not bad for the market. The problem is before that they could have dumped the economy for buying low. That's what Rotschild did in the past when Napoleon lost the battle against England, he knew it before everybody even the princes because he had the best communication system at that time (the pigeons :D ): well instead of saying to population that their country had won, he managed to make them believe the contrary and that created a panic on the London Stock Exchange so that he could buy massively at unfair price. Since human nature doesn't change why would it be different today huh :( ?

  10. Mondo Trader said : "The attack on NY was deliberately aimed at the stock and commodity markets, so it is naive to think that nobody made any money from it. "

    From memory there was an enquiry into some, unusually large, shorting before 9/11.

    Whatever came out of that investigation ?

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