How will you play dollar crash?

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    Interested in others take on how they will play a dollar crash scenario? May take a while for this to play out but dollar must weaken eventually... How will you protect your wealth and possibly make money on this. I know gold bugs will jump on this and say "buy gold dammit!!!" We all know that. What other avenues do you see to protect yourself?
  2. I know it is a popular line to tote - the old "dollar must crash", but can you explain first why you believe it absolutely MUST crash? Then I'd be happy to discuss alternative investments.
  3. It won't crash in the near-term because it's so much stronger comparatively to other currencies.
  4. Yes, buy gold at 900 USd. Good idea.
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    Fundamentally Bankrupt government. Approximately 50 trillion in unfunded liabilities in soc. security and medicare. Current account deficit in the trillion $ range.

    I said "dollar must weaken" and how you would play a hypothetical dollar crash "scenario". I know the dollar has to "crash" vs. some other currency. My question is what avenues of wealth protection will you take to protect yourself IF this scenario played out. What currency would you go to? Would you play it via an ETF such as UDN? Would you buy foreign currency cd's? I already have my plan just wondering what others are thinking.
  6. How do you define "dollar crash"? toilet paper? or just half the value of some other currency?

  7. You know that dollar must crash? There is no such thing as 'must' in the financial markets.

    Japanese dept has been a much larger % of GDP than that of the US. Has the Yen crashed? No.

    Also, what makes you think forex is such a free, open market that a major currency is simply left to crash? It is much more manipulated than most think.
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    Significant weakening versus another currency. Half or a third of the value vs another currency. Dollar becoming toilet paper is possible but not very likely.
  9. Weaken against the ruble you mean?
  10. Remember, everyone and their brothers are going to play the dollar short. It won't go straight down, the rallies will be vicious. Instead of putting on a long-term trade, it might be best to play the breakouts with larger size.
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