How will you know you've lived a good, successful life?

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  1. How?

    We will all have to face this question at some point.

    Unless we've already died.
  2. Strange question.

    Obviously you've lived a successful life until the moment you cease to live.
  3. Life, to me at least, is more than a biological experience.

    The litmus test is not one of maintaining vital signs.

    Most of the people I come across have already died from an emotional and spiritual standpoint.

    I doubt that the overwhelming majority of people will bother asking themselves whether their life has been good, for themselves and for others, when the time comes.

    It is a hard question that raises many uncomfortable issues, especially if the objective indicators can only be honestly answered in the negative.
  4. "How will you know you've lived a good, successful life?"

    If you've managed life altering tragedies/events unscathed including the regrets and remorses of not so much of what we did or didn't do but have we done what we've wanted to do.

    We can't always do what we want to do, but how have we managed our life based on the effort we applied.

    To wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, "yea well, I haven't done everything I've wanted to do but what I have done, no regrets.
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    As your earlier post implied;
    1]enough gas in tank,

    2]enough water to drink/give away,

    3]enough quail/game birds to hunt, all 3 of which BP enjoys[Boone Pckens]

    [4 more]And hear Lord say well done you good & faithful servant;
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  6. It depends on what you value. You are successful at every moment. If you die, you considered death to be good. If you die, you've succeeded at dying. If you think you have nothing to do with your own death, you've succeeded at concealing your hand in it.

    It depends on your goal. If craziness is your goal, you will succeed...for a time. Sometimes a long time. What is called "life" - the experience of a body - is just plain craziness. So you see, you have succeeded already.

    The body is not for living. It's purpose is for dying. While you maintain this purpose you will be successful. Change this purpose and you will also be successful.

    After succeeding in craziness, success is measured by a return to sanity. You will definitely know when you've returned to sanity.

    The sane have no more use for the body except to communicate. While the experience of bodies persists, the only meaningful communication is to inform those who think they "live" in a body that they are not a body...and therefore free.

    You are successful to the extent that you fulfilled a unique contribution to the extension of this kind of communication. No one can fill your shoes, and no one is saved till you succeed in fulfilling your part.

    Otherwise known as the "plan" of salvation, it is the answer to your desire to be special...which led to the experience of existence in a body.

    Brother, you are special. Your contribution is equally as valuable as mine. Success is fulfilling it.

  7. the more important ? is have ya lived a productive life?
    remember, its not how much money ya got or made that can get ya into heaven. THE MEEK SHOULD INHERIT THE EARTH. ppl like trump and murdoch will surely roast in hell like hitler and falwell are.

  8. After adding "happy & fulfilling" to it, this is a very good and provocative question, and one that everyone should ask themselves every day, or every week at least.

    Humorously, the first yardstick that popped into my mind when reading the question - if you are spending more than a few hours a week on ET than you are probably not living a good, successful life (it might make some happy though).
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    Did you get lots of pussy? Really, what else matters?

  10. "Did you get lots of pussy? Really, what else matters?"

    Sounds like a good name for a rock band.
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