How will YOU determine that we have bottomed?

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  1. Damn market just can't do a damned thing but go down. How will you make the call as to when its hit bottom and its time to buy buy buy? Its down SO MUCH, but I look at the charts and its only chewed through like the last 2 years of gains, it could go down SO MUCH more LOL.
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    When the Fed re-engages with QE. That's the only thing that saved it from tanking further than it did in 2018 after the pause in hikes and start of QE3.

  3. So you think we will keep going down for the next few years? Because I seriously doubt they will do anything other than tighten the screws for the next year and more. And it won't stop the inflation.
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    For long term buys i would recommend waiting for EXTREME and IRRATIONAL panic to "hit the streets".

    To give you an example. During the "covid crisis" people were LITERALLY FIGHTING for TOILET PAPER.

    Perhaps wait for the combination of the charts+FED + panic
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  5. %%
    TOUGH question\
    past polar bear markets may provide some hints; so buyin' + sellin' inverse ETFs until then
    Eskimo needs a frgidaire\ like i need a rockin' chair\ i may be old but not impaired\i dont need no rockin' chair-G Jones song >3.33 million video views.
    2000-2003, 2008, 2018 bear ended in 1st quarter , or last quarter or multimonth bottoms.
    So looks like OCT 2022 maybe a bear killer or multimonth bottoms...........:D:D................
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    I wouldn't be shocked if the Fed reversed course on interest rates and restarted QE this year...especially if oil and other commodity prices start falling as they often do in a recession (demand goes down). This isn't a prediction, but like I said, I wouldn't be completely shocked.
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  7. Why do we need Socialism for the Market? Did the Fed do this in the 1970-80s? Markets need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps!
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    Freight has declined15%, people's outlook on the economy is changing. Biden is not pro "Make America Great Again", he has brought on higher energy costs.

    Based on study of Bear market structure, I expect continuation of declines. When I saw Bitcoin so high, people throwing away excess money on a concept based on ...? I just knew time to dump my stock position. So many people flipping houses, interest rates at 2% for house buying, LoL, so much greed.

    Studying charting patterns at extremes never changes. Those who can see/hedge/take positions will clean up and masses end up taking a beating again.
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    My charts only go back 20 years but if you draw a trend line across the 2009 and 2020 lows, it looks like we have a long way to go.
  10. Monetary polices. It's all about monetary policies.
    Dot com crash. Housing crash. Coronavirus crash. 1929 crash.
    All of those rebounded as a direct result of being resuscitated back to life with an infusion of cash.

    George Soros said it best....humanity, the markets, goes through cycles of Euphoria and Crashes. Happiness, and sadness. Gyrate those two like a never ending roller coaster. The market will always rise, though, just like the world's population.

    Ignore everyone on TV, or on websites. They get paid to fill ad revenue content filler. They could care less where the market goes, or how accurate they are.
    They all pull up past hindsight charts...talking about it like such prophetic experts.
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