How will the second great depression look like?

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  1. Good point.

    The US govt. is working on another 500 Billion for Iraq. That's roughly 500,000 per US household.

    Add in the impending mortgage "bailout" and the US govt. could very well be spending roughly 1 million per household next year.

    Why worry about off shored jobs and a collapsing housing market. Obviously Americans have more money than they know what to do with.
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  2. Democrat or Republican, all answer to the same paymaster. Every issue is evenly divided amongst the 2 sides giving the "voter" simple "choices". The average voter spends more time on figuring out what type of value meal he/she wants than on researching the candidates. The game is rigged, that's why it's nearly impossible for a viable third party.
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  3. 500 billion divided by 500,000 = 1 million households

    Do you really think there are only 1 million households in the USA?

    I would hate to know where you studied math
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  4. ha ha, as grim a reality as that truly is, you are absolutely correct man.

    I laugh because it is so ridiculous, yet totally true. I mentioned Ron Paul to someone yesterday, and they said "who's that?" Now I know he is being kept out of the spotlight and all, but damn man, he is a candidate and these people don't even know who the hell are competing for the primary....oh, by the way the person who asked who Ron Paul was is a republican, so they should definitely know. They don't even know who is fighting for THEIR party's nomination.
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  5. Forget it. He's on a roll.
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  6. pissedgoy, my advice to you is to rcanfiel's ass on IGNORE.

    Save yourself the trouble.

    Anyone with a brain was able to see the point you were getting at.

    No need to play Captain math Whiz and try to correct you over detracts from the point....

    I don't care if it's $500,000 or $50,000 or $10,000 per household, it's the fact that this bullshit profiteering war is costing us EVEN MORE money. One more fucking penny spent on this thing is unacceptable.
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  7. The problem with putting a berlin wall across the south border, it's that it keeps the mexicans out... but it fails to keep the US companies in... perhaps you need a taller wall.
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  8. They aren't the only culprits also not everyone lied on their app, but ultimately people are responsible for what they do even if they get ripped off.

    That said , this is a story of greed . American greed, fueled by Greenie and the whimp now at the Fed. What should always have been in place is:

    1) rent control. Bubbles don't develop as much where there is rent control. Rent control is the right thing to do tpprotect renters from the greed of owners.

    2) a responsible Fed , it's only this week that they came up with new regulations for lending... helloo ! But the biggest mistake was taking down FF rate to 1%.

    But this is the story of America, a few smart and well connected
    get insanely rich off a majority of suckers trying to get rich like they are told they will be.
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  9. So you propose gov intervention to solve a problem that was caused by the gov in the first place [as you admit on point 2] ...
    When you throw the gov at a problem not only does the gov not solve th problem but by throwing countless millions [billions or trillions] at it, they create a whole new set of problems to throw money at.
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  10. You noticed... I was wondering whether StockTrad3r had finally returned :D

    Some people think if they keep talking, eventually they will accidentally say something that makes sense.
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