how will the market trade as earnings come?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by abra trader, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. This week begins earnigs season. how do you think this will influence the market?
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    Earnings will not be nearly as bad as you traitors think. Patriotic executives will not disappoint patriots at this important time. While the war is approaching to an end, companies will boost their business spending to take advantage of resuming consumer confidence. Stock will range or rally for at least a year. USD will be the strongest par again. Dream your pathetic testing-or-breaking-bottom scenarios.

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  4. just asking. I know I'm not one.
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    At least the market expects crap earnings.
  6. but look at the results of above poll, all (except me) think the market will trade lower.

    expectation of crap earnings, only means we can be pleasantly surprised.

    many in poll who think the market will trade lower can only mean it will go higher.

    S&P to 900 this week !!
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    So much for your sentiment indicator.:cool:
  8. Just as long as it moves ...
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    I'm sure selling into that volatility explosion on last Monday's opening was very nice to you!:D
  10. these polls always prove to be reliable sentiment indicators, that is, reliable CONTRARY sentiment indicators.

    The majority is usually wrong, and in this case, the majority think lower.

    So the indicator says "higher"
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