How will the goverment hide inflation?

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  1. All commodities making a run back to highs, copper,oil,soy,wheat. How can they hide these price increases from the masses and justify their rate cut?
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    Nothing to worry about - move along.
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    They will most probably do a number of measures including the following,

    Actively short the gold and silver with paper.

    Increase margin requirements on holding long gold and silver and oil positions to beyond 100% of the value of the contract whilst reducing these requirements for shorters.

    Get the rets of the worlds central banks to buy as many 10 year notes through veiled threats as they can to drive down long term end of the curve. Keep pumping shorter term liquity and ploughing this back inot longer term yielding treasurys to maange long term inflation expectation.

    Create a new core rate that includes as muhc of the things thta are dropping and begins to exclude more and more non core items thta are rising etc. Make heavy use of hedonic indexing in the calculation of these indicies.

    Make it illegal to holod physcial gold and silver.

    Fix prices for goods and services accross the board to help combat "terrorism"
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    well thats why they cut, cpi down, there is no inflation according to them
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    lol and next month when the headline cpi and ppi are up huge because oil has skied they'll say one time event and don't look at headline
  6. Buy stock in wheelbarrows, because that's what everyone is going to need in order to take their money to the grocery store to buy food soon.
  7. They'll start measuring everything in foodstamps.
  8. it`s real easy.......just strip out frood,energy,soy,wheat ,real estate & anything that pertains to inflation........problem solved......courtesy of our gov` problems.:)
  9. there is no inflation problem
  10. Yep, its funny how propaganda works.

    You nailed it.
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