How will GS make money now?

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  1. If Obama takes their bank license away then how will they profit since they will not have access to 0% interest loans to do those carry trades?

    I can see why GS dropped
  2. GS will be ok. hahaha
  3. Was anyone trading GS premarket? it had very clear signs of big sell off around 170. Those freaks squeezed me out of shorts few minutes after open, missed a big trade :mad: :mad: :mad:
  4. wtf? GS has been around 140 years, and only in the past 24 months had access to near 0% money. Are you really asking this question?
  5. It had a big sell-off - I've been short all morning.
  6. yeah actually I sized up to my limits around 169, was squeezed out, later re-established at 166 but ahh that could have been a killing.
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    my bet is that they were briefed on everything well in advance, i.e. they made today enough money for the next quarter. hahaha :D
  8. By shorting their own stock, that's how!
  9. Looks like Obama is forced by the Brown win not to be so cozy with GS. He was rejecting doing this for the longest, ignoring volker.

    This proposal says you can choose to engage in proprietary trading for our own account or you can choose to own a commercial bank," said a senior administration official. "Are you going to do proprietary trading for your own benefit or are will you be a bank that engages in traditional commercial activities?"
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    yeah - GS obviously does not like to be a holding company anymore.
    they want the game the same as pre-crisis... so it happens.
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