How will Europe and Asia read the Fed's decision? - POLL

Discussion in 'Trading' started by blast19, Mar 21, 2007.

How will Asian and Euro Markets react?

  1. UP!!!

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  2. FLAT

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  3. DOWN!!!

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  1. blast19


    How do you think the Asian markets and Euro markets will read the Fed's decision and comments.
  2. S2007S



    should rally 2%+ tonight without a problem.
  3. blast19


    I'm going to have to agree....I think Europe will be a bit more skeptical.
  4. All indexes up at least 2%

    SSEI up 5%
  5. blast19


    If that happens it might end up looking like an exhaustion gap in a few days! :eek:
  6. Trend is your friend. No risk to go with the tape. Correction is done.
  7. 2006


    One word. Rally !!
  8. rally will continue in Asia and Europe as they "catch up" with US!

    It seems the equity markets have now diverged from the yen influence present since late February. The rally here has maybe just a bit more (if at all) and then we go down. I still think intermediate trend is down and today was a bear market rally. these are usually vicious as we saw
  9. Europe and Asia are followers and when futes get pushed up in
    overnight session it will create a selling opportunity into the US
    AM session.
  10. Up early with a negative finish. I figure overseas traders will have had more time to scrutinize the fed's comments, which hardly justified the rally we saw here today. But then again, when the bulls are loose, logic be damned...
    #10     Mar 21, 2007