How &Why Rajaratnam & IBM's hardware chief were arrested in Insider Trading Scam

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  1. IBM Hardware Chief, Intel VC Exec Arrested in Insider Trading Scam
    US Attorney Preet Bharara said it was the first time court-authorized wiretaps were used to uncover insider trading

  3. Sounds like he's up shit's creek without a paddle! ... :p
  4. What's so stupid to me in this case, is they made a paltry amount considering how much was under management. Manage 3 billion, make 20 million with an m. I mean, that wasn't even 1% for their shareholders. Obviously they enriched themselves, but they could have been doing that the whole time by frontrunning their clients with the amount of money they could put to work.
  5. Some Sri Lankans make a few $million illegally and end up in jail.

    Goldman rapes 300 million fools for $billions every quarter and gets away with it.