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  1. I can't wait for that day. I agree with you about SSF's .I'm gearing up for them.......setting up relationships with firms and becoming a CTA so I can expand my money management co. into that area. Any trader who is serious about his career and P/L should get themselves up to speed with SSF's.
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    Can we pick all of the above??

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    I am sure there is always money to be made in the markets. Trading from an office I have seen a bunch of successfull traders making constant money. They claim to be making much less then previous 6 months.
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    single stock futures are absolutly going to offer a lot of opportunity, but they already exist on Liffe in the UK and there just has not been the liquidity to make them viable - only the ones which are in the news tend to have any liquidity as I guess people have started to use them to hedge - and if you take a position and there is not much of a move and the liquididty dies, you are screwed

    however, stock index plays are not big in the UK anyway and most of the fund managers are not very sophisticated - so I am hopeful that arbitrage and hedging postions will get the US SSFs market moving, and that should certainly represent some great opportunities

    front running security orders in the futures index market is an imprortant imput, so funds front running a security directly will certainly provide some interesting and volatile moves - as long as it does not take away volume from the indexes
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