How was your first week of 2007?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by jeffalvinson, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season.
    I thought it would be interesting and hopefully informative to hear how other traders faired in the first week of this New Year.
    I will start things off with my first week of closed positions
    for 2007:
    (Note: These are all OEX option trades)
    12-29 JAN670C 2.30 3.00 01-03 +30%
    01-04 JAN655P 2.30 3.20 01-05 +39%
    01-05 JAN665C 2.20 2.00 01-05 - 9%

    Potential trade for Monday 01-08-07:
    JAN655P (ENTRY=2.30) (EXIT=3.00) (STOP=1.60)

    I made a New Years Resolution to be more open
    and revealing with other traders, so this is my attempt at fulfilling that resolution.
  2. Account is up 10% this week, all positions closed out.

    Most of this profit came from going short crude oil :D

    This will probably be in the top best five weeks of the year, if not the best week of my year.
  3. made 116.00 something.. lol. Started kinda slow for me.
  4. made close to 8 % on my acct this 1st week in 07

    also have made back 1/3 of a bad drawdown
    I had a few weeks ago ... that reduced my
    yrly profits somewhat in 06

    such is life I guess ...

  5. down 0.2% since Dec 31 (position trader).

    dragged down by oil and a bad mistake taking off the short side of a hedged (thus leaving big size exposed naked) index trade of some chinese indexes during that huge Hang Sang selloff. Luckily markets recovered enough on the chinese trade for me to save my ass. Down 3% since Weds. (So up 3% from weds to new years) Not bad since not only did I weather that, but I was long 1700 shares of MOT.
  6. Very good. Most my pickls made good gains. GooG alone added a staggering 30 points.
  7. lescor


    By Thursday's close I had beat my total for the entire month of December. And December was a good month! I like 2007 so far.
  8. Made a ton as usual...cracks me up how everyone is such a God on this forum. This week created lots of pain for those caught in Natural Resources. Not to worry, once the Cold hits in a couple weeks, Oil and Silver will rally again.
  9. MattF


    Still relatively new at this, and trade the ES mini right now...Wednesday kicked my a$$ on the roller coaster ride, but then came back pretty well on Thursday & down some, but it could have been a lot worse...and I'm fine with that.

    Will get back at it on Monday now that things have settled down a bit...all I look at is at the end of month when it boils down to things...