How was your day?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by traderich, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Curious how others did on a day like today.

    This was my day:


    results: +9610 minus commissions.

    not a bad days pay! lol.

  2. empee


    hi traderich,

    congrats on a nice day $$$. Where is the post where you detail your method, I remember reading it and was going to review it and forgot about it. I think it was during the holidays you posted it. I think it was a gap up strategy and buying the 15 min breakout or something.
  3. Rich, happy for ya man but this is at least the 2nd or 3rd time you started a thread like this after you had a big day.

    Why dont you just post them in the P&L thread instead of starting a whole thread?
  4. that's amazing traderich. i am often do u make profits like those? and how large is your account size?

    also...i trade ETFs and its sooo boring.
  5. I was able to meet my daily profit goal... but it could have been much better.

    Forgot to cancel a sell order and it really cost me...:<(

    Its hard enough beating the markets but when you screw up like that its double tough.
  6. "On a day like today we passed the time away Writing love letters in the sand" .. Pat Boone classic
  7. Or you may want to note the full simularity

    "On a day like today
    We pass the time away
    Writing love letters in the sand

    How you laughed when I cried
    Each time I saw the tide
    Take our love letters from the sand

    You made a vow that you
    Would always be true
    But somehow, that vow
    Meant nothing to you

    Now my poor heart just aches
    With ev'ry wave that breaks
    Over love letters in the sand."
  8. Not too friggin' good....lost bout' 2200 here! An error in one of my programs but me in BSC and he stole the day. On top o dat', I traded like crap, no reason not to make a couple grand today, easily evident after completing a post mortem analysis. Oh well...tomorrow is another day!

    Congrats TraderRich!
  9. I was 4 for 4 on the ER2...2 for 3 on the ES...2 for 2 on the NQ.

    I made several thousand today and was about double my daily goal point wise for the day.
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