How Vladimir Putin Bitch Slaps One Of The Most Powerful Oligarchs Oleg Deripaska

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ASusilovic, Jan 6, 2010.

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    You don't mess with Mr. Putin ! Ha, ha, ha !!!
  2. achilles28


    Fucked up over there.

    Russian Government is THE MAFIA.
  3. RedDuke


    Deripasca got bailed out by Putin. He would be bankrupt, instead he is preparing huge Rusal IPO where government will invest over 700mil USD.

    This is just the show.
  4. Teddy Roosevelt knew how to handle oligarchs too.

    Obama? He shines their shoes and says yes suh!
  5. Wonder if he ever gave back that super bowl ring to the owner of the ne patriots. talk about a bitch slap. "I'm keeping the ring, what are you going to do about it in my country"