How valuable would CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analys) be for a software e

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    My question is aimed at the investment professional specially working in hedge funds, who might be in a better position to shed some light on this issue. For somebody at a senior level IT position and over 8 years of experience in this field and working for the financial services, how beneficial would the CAIA qualification be:-

    1) Assuming that the main objective is to enhance and upgrade ones career to better perform within IT field with emphasis on moving to the next level within IT in hedge funds or other financial markets?

    2) How easily could a mid to senior level IT person; with CAIA and experience in financial markets but on software development side; move into a more business role, and how would his IT background augment or help him and his company in this new role.

    3) How would such a combination be helpful(IT and CAIA) for a potential employer, and are their any roles/job descriptions which would require this qualification?