How US/UK plan for Communist China backfired.

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  1. If you don't accept that Superpowers want to grab as much of the world for themselves, please press ALT+F4 now and be done with this thread :D

    Countries like US UK Russia have long term plans, these countries are like old timers, guys who've been around the block.

    British Royalty that used to run England 100% pretty much championed the long term plan when it comes to dealing with neighbors. In those days the rivals were Spanish and French. American colony was source of money and honey till revolution.

    Sorry for giving you bit of background, just that I don't have faith in Public Education :D

    So there was also long term plan for China, Chinese people have a different culture, so different in fact that radical long term plan was needed.

    First, British ownership of Hong Kong for 99 years, was a foot in the door, get the Chinese people and government to see how the white man does business and conducts himself. The next step was to show the Chinese how private ownership of Central bank is a "good thing".

    They wanted Chinese communists to eventually decide to pick among themselves individuals who will own the central bank and issue Yuan currency at interest. The hope was to then start dealing with these corrupted individuals of Chinese Central Bank.

    The plan failed miserably, the Chinese adopted many western things when it comes to finances, but NOT the private ownership of Yuan currency.

    And now China is debt free, surplus up the YingYang, the sphing sphing as Max Kiser like to say.

    And western Private Central bankers, FED, ECB, Bank of England are swimming in paper web they are not sure how to resolve.
  2. just reading what I wrote I realize it wasn't simple enough for the masses.

    They have taken all the business savvy and wisdom paid over time by western people, AND NONE OF THE LIABILITIES of debt creation.
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    China still operates a fractional reserve banking system for the private sector. Only Government paper is monetized with no debt? Similar to Russia?
  4. Yes what you wrote is true and although this seems to the "masses" as not a big deal, not a big difference.

    It is an edge defining difference.
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    I love it too - two people can look at this same thread, and both think the other person's completely delusional.

    Of course, you can prove me conclusively wrong (and become the richest man on earth) if you only build that $400 machine from which you can get free energy.

    So.... why haven't you done it yet? Ah yes - because reality ultimately passes judgement on one of us.

  7. I heard this story that the British in the 60's or 70's wanted to extend the lease on Hong Kong.

    So the Chinese invited the British for talks, when the British diplomats walked in, they found that their counterparts were not diplomats or ministry officials but sitting in front of them the ten marshals of the Chinese army. Apparently they quickly deduced that this was no longer another opium war, made their excuses and fled with their tails in between their legs.
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  10. I looked at your profile, you are here long enough to recognize noobs. The almighty paper traders.

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