How upset were you when..

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  1. How upset were you when you realized the system of the United States of America?

    I mean really, for those of you who know, what do you say when people ask you about it? Do you just tell them what they want to hear?
  2. pretty tough cookie for me; fell into a state of mild depression lasting months. no kidding.
  3. When I realized it? Eeehhaaaaaaawww! I wanted to get a slice of that American pie. For the cynical jaded old farts, I tell them you had your chance. To my kids, I'm on fast forward to help them navigate the system.
  4. dinoman


    All I can say is YAWN! This system has been known for centuries for anyone that has common sense. You act like its a huge revelation?
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    well i for one wish i knew what you guys were talking about LOL
  6. yeah, me to. I feel lik I'm left out of some club or something..:p
  7. It is a revelation for some of us. I come from a family of alcoholics where it isn't common sense. Sorry for not having anyone in my family to teach me a damn thing about how to make real money.

    I still can't believe the US Gov't's foreign policy. They are a bunch of scumbags. We deserve to have our currency trashed. I hope China does dump the gov't securities.

    Our day of reckoning is coming.

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    You're sorely confused. The system works because people do what they want to.

    Personally, I'm pissed off that Hillary was able to make money on cattle.
  9. I'm talking about the whole social security, income tax and marriage license bullshit.

    The system works because we're too dumb and scared to know any better.
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    Distribution is a good thing. ppl actually work b/c they enjoy it. The system replicates the middle class -- it's what we measure.
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