How unbelievably stupid and messed up!!

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  1. I have not been able to stream videos from or Fox for months, I missed the whole season of Lost to date in fact. I want to see the new show Castle so that was the tipping point, I had to fix the problem. I was on the verge of doing a restore all the way back to day one with the operating system but I googled one last time and found the following article at the link. The problem is with some idiots at Move Networks, they updated their player, which is used by half the commercial streaming outfits on the internet that I want to use and it does not work with Internet Explorer !!!!!!! Or Chrome... the problem was never with my computer at all... and get this, after blocking up half the streaming video on the internet for the better part of the season they still have not fixed it!! The fix is to use Firefox...

    The story is at the link
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    Oh the Humanity!