How TV Commercials Can Weaken Your Confidence with Women

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  1. cornix


    Females on average instinctively tend to choose stronger, more effectively adaptive male, that's not exclusive to humans and not corporations invented it.

    In human society, though, stronger (domination) and better adaptive almost completely became equal to certain level of wealth. It has been so for thousands of years already.
  2. women choose these for security. However when they choose lovers, this are person who actualy make kids, are different story all together.

  3. cornix


    Not so often the case as many financially poor "lovers" dream it should be. :D

    Much more often women choose to have kids from the same men they choose for security, to guarantee security to the children as well. Instincts. :)
  4. slumdog


    Having status symbols helps because women have been conditioned by TV commercials to desire them as well.

    Most men are not tall and handsome or have enough charisma, or have high paying jobs.. so these guys, probably 80% of the male population need something to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

    Guy i know drives a BMW convertible, bought it new, he couldn't really afford it but he bought it anyway.

    I said to him, 'i bet that you got lots of hot chicks with that car'. He replied 'it got me my ex wife who divorced me after a year.' :p
  5. Nothing's more expensive than a woman who is free on the weekend.....:cool:
  6. exactly. almost every human activity or way of thinking can be shaped by conditioning.
    what corporations would love to see is weak self worth image in men.
    so they could sell us more status symbols.

    strong, sexually confident, with deep sense of inner value male is not a good customer.
  7. richie90



    Hollywood & tv ...have been the main factors of influence in the average American's life. They have been portraying men in a submissive role for the last 30 yrs at least.