How TT connected to CME?

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  1. I already checked with them - Crossland run TT software on their own servers.
    Commissions for FIX 50c+15c per side. 15c is FIX part, which drops to 10c after 2000 RTs a month. I guess 50c can also be negotiated for high volumes.
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  2. I already checked with them - Crossland run TT software on their own servers. Commisions for FIX are 50c+15c per side. 15c is FIX part which drops to 10c after 2000 RTs a month. I guess 50c can also be negotiated for higher volumes.
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  3. That is very interesting.

    How much of the TT software is hosted on Crossland's servers? Are orders still routed to TT for execution? If so, one might get most of the benefits.

    Another possibility is E*Trade. They are listed on TT's site as using TT*Net.

    Apparent they offer a white-label version of X_Trader that is called TT_Trader. It may be more limited but much cheaper or free.

    Please post what you find out about all this.

    Is another possibility to go with a CQG-connected broker? They have their own network also.
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  4. AK100


    For many many retail traders if they rely on the speed of their orders hitting the exchange they probably don't have much of a strategy, or at least one that will last overtime.

    Think about it, ALL of your profits should logically come from buying low and selling high (and vice-versa) and not from being 0.0001 second quicker to be filled.

    I'm sure there are many on here that couldn't care less if it takes 0.1, 0.5, 1 second or even 5 seconds for their orders to hit the Exchange and I bet many of those have been around for years...
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  5. AK100, I see your point, but technologies advance and conditions change you know, many years ago people had to phone their broker to put an order, and not so many years ago what people saw in order books was pretty reliable, but now only a fraction of the orders cluttering the books live long enough to be executed. And nobody heard of HFT - it just did not exist. You can still make a living nowadays putting orders over phone (but what account size would this require?), but that does not mean that scalping is not valid way to trade.
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  6. It's not just the speed.

    It's also the reliability and redundancy in the case of a major communication outage that might affect other brokers.

    Also TT and CQG have the broadest set of international product listings.
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    Agree, it can be profitable. But for every successful scalper (with a minimum of 5 years of good profitability behind them) there are probably 999 that have broke even at best and lost at worst.

    Good luck for those that try it but easier money to be made by position trading, a lot less hassle as well and probably less risk.
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  8. Kristi Mai

    Kristi Mai Velocity Futures


    We offer Sierra Charts and Ninja Trader with TT data Feed but on our own servers that we maintain ourselves. We have numerous international clients. May i ask what country you presently reside in?

    Kristi Mai
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  9. Thanks Kristi, looks like I misread Dale's post on BMT about Velocity using or not using TTNet.

    He also clarified that you don't deal with Australians and Canadians (and I'm an Australian resident).
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