How TT connected to CME?

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  1. From my experience different FCMs have different execution times (this is why I stay with RCG despite them having old version of XT)...

    But I cant completely figure out how TT servers connects to CME for example. I know that FCMs own servers and run TT software on their infrastructure. But how these servers get market data?

    I dont see TT in CME data vendors so must be FCMs somehow connect on their own...

    Any ideas?
  2. Its actually very simple. Search for developer resources. It is very comprehensive.
  3. erm... the question was not what API or code is needed to connect TT server to CME.

    My question is - what data vendor provides market data for TT servers own by FCMs.

    Or are you saying there is nobody in the middle and all FCMs connected straight into CME?

    But I (end-user) receive data from XT - arent those FCMs should be in CME licensed data vendors list then?
  4. What is TTNET™?
    TTNET is TT’s fully-managed hosting solution for FCMs, trading firms, banks and other institutions that prefer an outsourced solution. TTNET allows customers to easily distribute trading screens to traders around the world from TTNET hubs in Chicago, New Jersey, London, Frankfurt, Singapore and Tokyo. Specially trained, highly qualified TT technicians handle all responsibilities of network administration, hardware configuration, infrastructure maintenance, data line management, upgrades, backups, security and user support. Leverage TT’s vast experience and efficient IT practices to achieve superior availability, security, and support…so you can focus on trading!

    Maximum Speed, Unparalleled Redundancy and Disaster Recovery
    TTNET™ delivers maximum uptime through fast, highly resilient and fully redundant connections to the world’s top futures exchanges through shared facilities in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Built on a multi-gigabit fiber optic backbone, TTNET provides both datacenter failover and intrasite redundancy. TTNET utilizes a fully redundant cross connect architecture that leverages high capacity DWDM circuits in order to provide higher availability and performance. And hosting at a TTNET collocation center provides your algorithmic orders exceptionally fast access to the exchanges’ electronic matching engines.
  5. excellent thank you!

    so FCMs buy software from TT, setup servers and host them in TTNET facilities... nice..

    Now, how TTNET connects to CME. I understand the only connection available is FAST/FIX. Technically speaking.

    But from corporative prospective - what legal entity receives CME market data on behalf of all FCMs using TTNET?

    Thank you again
  6. Looks like some FCMs run TT software on their own servers, while others use TT's TTNet infrastructure.

    Anyone aware of FCMs/brokers offering platforms other than X_Trader on TT feed AND using TTNet?

    I know Velocity do, but at the same time they don't deal with international customers :confused:
  7. what? are you in Iran or something?

    anyway where are only few retail brokers who does TT. Call Global Futures and ask specific questions. I had most pleasant experience with them. Also 50c R/T comms are the best on the market.
  8. Other than having more than $250K in your account how do you get $0.50 RT commissions with Global Futures ?
  9. ok. it was 0.50 R/T for 2 yrs at least. I had that comms... you should look faster.

    I am sure if you call Michelle in person and be a little articulated about your trading you can get it now.
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