How trading signalare analyzed?

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  1. How trading signal analyzed?
  2. Carefully?
  3. I've found that the combination of using my eyes to see the signal and then using my brain to analyze it correctly is really a great way to interpret the signals.

  4. With one of these dedicated trading analyzer devices. but they cost millions and only a few firms can afford then ie GS.

  5. LOL, I've neve seen one of those. Looks very useful. :)
  6. NoDoji


    First, make sure colorful green and red bars appear on your chart as price goes up and down.

    If a price bar is green, buy; if a price bar is red, sell.

    (I would like to personally thank TheAngryHermit for this valuable insight.)
  7. OMGosh! What a tremendous sounding trading strategy! :D