how totrade the cnbc site--challenge??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hitman4gk, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. i signed up but where the hell is the area where you trade???can't find it.
  2. pamjoey


    I think we wont be able to see it until 9:30
  3. where do we trade..wherre on the site is the trading area? i cannot find it...
  4. gimp570


    i cant find it either.....maybe you have to pick stocks after 930
  5. Svenwulf


    gk- since the handcuffs are tight, i would not be surprised if no orders until after close today.

    you have to register, log in, and in the tool bar they have a link to "contest." i get a message "available in 0 days" so, go figure.
  6. mouch


    click portfolio challenge then sign in
  7. It kind of does not matter when it opens today since you will be filled at today's CLOSING PRICE no matter what time you place the order. So might as well wait and see how the day is going...
  8. still--where is the icon on the site for the challenge???its ridiculous.. i can't find the damn thing..the part that has the challenge offers nowhere to trade or begin the challenge.
  9. bluud


    You have to be a VIP member so cnbc can email the button to your account. Or if you want I can email the button too, who knows it might also send me back your username and password. :D
  10. Ari2.0


    If you only get put in at the closing price what's the point of placing an order until after the close?
    #10     Mar 5, 2007