How to work in a bank/or botique/or firm with no experience

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  1. I know this has been probably covered before, but I am From Ohio, United States, and I am interested in becoming a trader, I perfer the floor on the CBOT or NYSE, and buy a seat eventually

    or Start a hedge fund or both

    I saw that Raymond Dalio and Carl Icahn, and several others had broker/trader jobs

    How do i get the experience to be taken seriously by firms? ANd how can I build a investment trading record as im working as a trader? and build client base working through a firm/bank/botique?

    I believe Ray Dalio started on the floor. then he was head of the Commodities division at a firm..

    It is the experience he recieved on the floor that got him the job as head of the commodities desk.. it is the relationships and the paper proof of successful trades that got his hedge fund started

    and How do i find clients when im a trader? how do I find high net worth investors and of the likes?

    and my major is a graduate tri-major Law/economics/computer science.
    If i have my PhD in economics, will i be over qualified?

    Whats the best way to get in the door?
    some of these questions are rather dumb.. but i'd rather ask a dumb question than to not ask it at all.. at least ill know one way or the other.

    please help

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    First, you should go read to that JPM thread so that you know what not to do... but I'll assume you mean well and are serious:

    As the guy above said, you are too late for this sort of a path. It no longer really exists.

    But that doesn't mean you can't get a start. Not to state the obvious: but have you done on-campus recruitment? Have you tried applying for all the analyst programs on the sell side AND the buy side? There are still plenty of entry level jobs.

    If you haven't, then go do it. If you dont' think you are competitive for whatever reason - then tell us, and we'll go from there.

  4. Yeah, honestly, i dont think i am competitive, i have no trading experience, just books and internet.. even with learning how to form a hedge fund.. same thing books and internet.

    I go to ohio state, transfering to stanford hopefully, and i'd love to find the companies that do campus recruitment..

    I heard the CFA is a good start to merit experience, and trading at a prop firm..

    but other than that.. what else can i do to get competitive edge

    because the goal is to start a hedge fund or small partnership.. and i want the people to find me and for me to find the people
  5. Does anybody have that Jpm link post?
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    doesn't ohio st has an excellent college career fair?

  7. they do.. but i want to utulize every advantage..

    why settle for less.

    everyone does.. We must be smart if we want to succeed

    and lucky
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    Forget everything else. Work on getting this done. If you transfer to stanford, then the game changes. You'll be part of the banks/funds recruitment process.

    If you stay at ohio state, you can either (1) network like hell and hope to get real lucky, or (2) find something else to do.

    CFA won't help you until you are already in the business.
  10. I believe one of the last few trading desks not full automated would be Mark Fisher's, but Maverick probably knows better than I. Unless you can program, the algos left you in the dust. Depending on whose stats you believe 60-70% of trading is full automated so they have no need or little for someone sitting on a trading desk.
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