how to win today (fri) through Tech analysis...can you?

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  1. Totally T/A based automated system did just fine today (and this is without the trend following Hidden Divergence trade entry function even turned on). These type of trading days should not hinder your performance at all.
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  2. .....system was up 18.0 pts per contract at this point of the day and ended the day very strong. If the fundamentals of your trade system are sound, you should be able to make profits in most market environments.
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  3. RL8093


    I find it interesting that in the last few days, we've had people asking for help because:
    - there is no trend
    - there is a strong trend

    The market always (or almost always) has it's 'tells' to give us hints about what it's going to do. At least some of them were within your question:
    - when the market slices through strong support - it's making a statement (we just have to listen)

    Back on 10.11.07, the Naz (which has been leading the mkt) had a massive engulfing candle w/ volume - complete failure at new hi's. Since then it has had some hi-volume days w/o ever re-challenging the highs (looks like funds selling to noobs hoping for more hi's). There were many other 'tells' about what was likely to come. This move should not have been a shock to any mkt watcher / trader.

    From a daytrading perspective - how can you complain? The es / spy gapped down, made only weak p/b's (each w/ lower lows) until it hit the 50d ema. There it made a nice playable DB - then up to a nice, playable lunchtime DT - then it resumed it's strong pattern of lower lows & lower hi's - right on down to close on the 50d sma (& Naz closed on strong sup).

    - one simple question I would ask myself: prior to 11am, what did you see in the price action to suggest a possible reversal?

    While I have not yet had an opportunity to do more than glance at it, I believe Anekdoten has a thread in the Journals section, which might be helpful ...

    Good trading ...

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  4. thanks to everyone for your replies...great insight
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