how to win today (fri) through Tech analysis...can you?

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  1. okay tech analysis did you win today? what tipped you off as to the huge trend downward?...all Fib lines were broken and S/r were taken everyone do you win on a day like today with no "dip buying"...nothing but 1 way trend DOWN...many want to hear!!!
  2. Ouiji boards or Divining rods, most likely...
  3. Why would you think that the market has to adhere to some humanly drawn or computer generated line on YOUR screen?

    Indicators, trendlines, oscillators, etc, etc, etc are nothing more than tools. The fact YOUR tools that YOU put in YOUR toolchest are not working suggests one of two things imo...
    1) YOU are using the tool inappropriately or do not have proper training to use the tool. -OR-
    2) Tools are working fine and YOU are not prepared to accept a tool malfunction as an expected and valid result of using the tool. A malfunctioning tool may be nothing more than a tell YOU are using the wrong tool, or it can be an indication of something more insidious.

    Swim with the fishes, or swim with the fishes.
    Osorico :)
  4. It's one thing to have a box full of tools, some significant and useful, others not so useful and perhaps repetitive.

    It's entirely another to pull the "trigger" and EXECUTE!
  5. Google bearflags. There were three beauties before noon.
  6. Good old supply and demand. There never was enough buying pressure to go green for long, though you could have scalped a few long a swing down or scalps down were the safest bet all day. :)
  7. Answer to the first part of the above questions...

    Volatility Analysis.

    Answer to the second part of the above questions...

    Short positions.

    The question I have for you is at what point (the time) of the trading day did you say to yourself...

    It's bearish and I need to be looking for short signals???

    If you never got to that point of recognizing the market was in a downtrend or you didn't short because you were too busy looking to buy the dip...

    Something is very wrong to your approach to trading and it may have nothing to do with your actual trade methodology.

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  9. LOL i actually clicked.

    Even though I got choppyed a little mid day by not recognizing the sideways range fast enough, there were many opportunities to go short. I think everyone already covered it. The only longs I saw (and im on a very small time frame) was some sideways movement. This is on the nq.
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    I call it supply and demand. Hope that is easy to understand.
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