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  2. We should have sent that evil female australian terrorist journalist to Guanatenemo for failing to have her paperwork in order... we should then have executed her...
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    Yikes....that unfortunately is quite true. One of my friends, who moved to Mexico from the US years dreads the search at the border, she has not be to visit her family in the US in a year.
    We have decided for the time being, not to fly anywhere.....we went through the gauntlet once.....and since time is not an issue, we now drive. Bob is embarrassed because he is loaded with medical devices and has to be hand searched. It makes a long wait even longer. Heaven forbid his defibrillator is a bomb.:confused:
  4. The agent who stopped her had probably graduated from seizing nail clippers. I'm no casual Bush-basher, but they have made a total mess of this security situation and managed to harrass innocent travelers with little or no increase in actual security.
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    I wouldn't frame this as over zealous security gone amuck. Immigration work rules are the issue. Too many foreign travelers are coming here as "tourist" when in reality they're here to work and not leave. The visa this journalist needed was not unique to her profession. It's a work visa. Even rock stars know they need one to come here and perform.

    And Cutten, don't even tell me about the U.K. I had friends who tried to emigrate from the States to trade at the LIFFE in the mid 90's and had to jump through hoops to trade their own capital. Britain was using this facetious argument that a locals clearing arrangement with a firm was de facto employment and that the "position" had to be offered in the E.U. first. Took months for guys to get seats. Here in the U.S. all you need do is lie or swim the Rio Grande and you're on MediCal!
  6. I'm not the biggest fan of racial profiling...but come on!
    A little common sense here...if a foreigner is obviously not a muzzie, they're probably harmless.
  7. And to those who complain that the INS didn't enforce the laws that were on the books, this looks like a textbook case where the law was actually enforced. Maybe the law should be changed, maybe not but I see from this example that security was working.

    Looks like they were doing their job.
  8. ...or is obviously not French (they are just as bad)...
  9. How many European (non-Muslim) terrorists have attacked America?

    For that many non-muzzie foreigners of <b>any nationality</b> have traveled to this country for the specific purpose of attacking us?
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    Ok....I am going to take a stab at this one.

    Terrorism=murder under the guise of a cause.
    Every nationality has murderers.
    Do we close the airports and borders?
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