How to Win at trading ... A - F

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  1. some thoughts from a successful week ...

    A : find a method that works for you

    B: keep losses and losing streaks small

    C: keep winners and winning streaks larger than losses

    C: take breaks when tired ...

    D: control emotions and keep trading size reasonable

    E: hedge when necc.

    F: Plot your progress each day and week to build up confidence.
  2. G: Keep repeating out loud while looking into a mirror:

    Every day...

    In each and every way...

    I am getting better and better....


    Why two C's???:D
  4. guess I was tired .... glad I stopped trading today

    last week I did not on friday and turned a profitable week
    into a losing one ...

  5. now how the heck are you going to keep losing streaks small? Losses, yes. And how do you make winning streaks long? Profits yes.

    Hedge? When neccessary? This one I gotta hear.

    So far the only one I have mastered is taking a break. I don't even wait for a losing streak or when I am tired. I take my best breaks when I am winning and well rested.
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    Hedge when necessary???? NEVER, EVER TURN A BAD SCALP INTO A SPREAD. Just get out and start over again. Recipe for disaster.
  7. F: Plot your progress each day and week to build up confidence.

    Suppose your progress is negative? What does this do for confidence?
  8. "F" is a big one. Use screen captures and print out your charts and look at your trades. You will learn a lot about your trading doing this. This has really helped me and have only been doing this for about 2 months.

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    I think A and D are the key points.

    Get them right and all else falls into place. (I never plotted progress. I could always tell by my paychecks).

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    Hey Op.....

    If John Lennon were still alive, he'd get you for plagiarism!!!:p

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