How to Win at roulette Z - Q

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  1. Z let your winners ride!

    Y keep your losses small!

    X keep telling yourself "I am great, I am going to win"

    W find a method that fits your personality

    V if you lose more than 10 times in a row, quit gambling for the night

    U always make sure your bet has a greater payout than potential loss (i. e. avoid red, black, manque, passe, pair, impair)

    T money management is everything!

    S never let your winners turn into losers!

    R avoid emotional decisions, stick with your plan!

    Q don't try to calculate everything like a rocket scientist, all it does is distract you
  2. You can't win @ roulette; but it is fun ...
  3. metooxx,

    Sure you can. Just put it on black and double up each time you lose. Martingale betting never fails.
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    but what if it hits the 0-00?? -then you are screwed !!!
  5. Not really, the 0's are no different than a loser.

    I have been supplimenting my meager trading income with roulette winnings for years.
  6. Unless you run out of money or hit a table limit ...
  7. Now exactly how are you doing that?

  8. Almost! Wait until you see black/red 5 times in a row; then bet and keep doubling if you lose...a can't lose scheme..... :p
  9. The funny thing is that is exactly what I do; I also know it can't work for a variety of reasons, i.e. the theory of runs, table limit, maximum size of the bankroll, etc..

    However it is amusing ...
  10. I use a system where I place an equal sized bet on the 1st and second 12. I have a 65% chance of winning 33.3% of my money back. If I lose I triple the bet. I then have an 87.75% of winning the second bet. If I lose both bets I cut my losses.

    This gives a smoother equity curve than black / red.

    I bet on the same 1st and second 2nd 12 for about 10 bets then change. Short runs often result in statistical anomolies where the ball lands in the same two thirds of the table for long periods.

    I have only used this system 4 times and always finished up.

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