How to use the Search feature?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by granville, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. I want to look up "Pairs Trading", so I type:

    "Pairs Trading" and get:
    blah blah blah... pairs...blah blah blah ... trading - not what I want

    PairsANDTrading and get:
    sorry - no search results

    How should this search be performed?????
  2. type: "Pairs AND Trading" and get:

    blah blah blah... pairs..blah blah ... trading..blah - still, not what I want.
  3. The ET Search feature does not distinguish between searches for:

    word1 word2
    word1 AND word2
    "word1 word2"

    2 methods of searching ET for a PHRASE "word1 word2" that I use:

    1. Type
    pair* trading
    in the "Search by Keyword" box and check the radio buttons "search titles only" and "show results as threads". In this case, you'll get 61 results, most relevant: 39 for "pairs trading" and 22 for "pair trading" (hence *, the wild card character).

    2. If you still want / need to run a full-text search, rather than titles only, use Google instead. If you have a Google toolbar at the top of your browser, simply type
    "pairs trading"
    there (make sure to type the double quotes and leave no space after site: ). Otherwise, go to and click on "Advanced Search". Similarly, you can run a separate search for "pair trading". Either way, you'll get about 322 results for the phrase "pairs trading" and 208 results for the phrase "pair trading" on ET.
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    I actually asked this previously and the answer was that they were working on in. Hopefully it will be out soon
  5. Thanks Apex!