how to use forums?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by automated, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Please, if the forum moderator or any one can answer this question:

    How can set my account to see the latest post first, so i dont have to go through stuff i have already read?

    Is there a setting that will show me "new posts only since the lat time i visited" within a certain thread I am looking at?

    If these options don't exist presently, elitetrader should consider setting these.

  2. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    click at the gray triangle at the end of a thread name that leads you to the latest post.
  3. Yes, that is getting into a thread at page one and thaen seeking last page. Can we not just default the last page as the opening page and last post be on top rather than on bottom of the page?