How to understand these VIXY moves?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by blnbr, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. UVXY should be a good substitute for the TVIX strategy .
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  2. tvix has apx 89% premium to Indicative value.

    But I wouldn't try to short is as CS surely will not offer more creation units until volatility spikes.

    If you are into it , it could be an arbitrage play.
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  3. FWIW....
    1) The inverse correlation between the VIX and S&P is "only" ~85% according to the CBOE. :)
    2) On Fridays, there can be outright put-buying that pumps up the VIX while not being hedged in the S&P which can create the appearance of divergence or lack of correlation. :cool:
    3) If no earth-shattering news occurs over the weekend, the market tries to find a way to "even" things back out, which may defy conventional/linear "logic". :eek:
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  4. so what anii were long tvix?

    must be et posters.
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  5. lol, only a congenital idiot held this long.

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