How to turn $250K into $5k...a *simple* test

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    In a never ending quest to constantly adapt myself to the markets as the markets see fit I am going to try and lose as much money as i can in the shortest amount of time. Being a trend follower i have been able to make some decent money, but I am constantly plagued with the "what ifs." I think of the stock market as a big checkbook that gets balanced at every filled bid and offer. So with that in mind I want to try an experiment that digs deep into my fears as a trader.

    Fear 1 - Earnings Reports:
    * Long or short highly volatile stocks that the media has been pumping or dumping.
    * Purchase them the night before earnings and hold them into the close of the next day.
    * Long or short will be determined by the opposite of majority media sentiment. i.e. if media analysts love aapl then the sentiment is positive therefore I will short it.

    Fear 2 - Helicopter Ben:
    * Pick the direction that is opposite the 10 day moving average and go long or short the S&P 500 using SPY.
    * Purchase at the end of day before the announcement.

    Fear 3 - Buying the Top:
    * Long or short any stock that has gapped and closed 5% or more and has a stock price over $80.
    * Purchase at the end of gapping day and hold until close of following day.
    * Long or short in direction of gap.

    I am going to use all of my capital and margin to get into these trades. I am going to try to stick to only one fear per day so i will have to sell the previous days position a few mins before the market closes so that i can get the new position on.

    Any questions, comments or ideas are greatly appreciated.
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    Since it took me so long to come up with my trading plan my first plan of attack is as follows:

    Buy to open (BTO from now on) the SPY.

    reason: there is a lot of juicy material coming out tomorrow and the outlook for the economy has not been that good and furthermore the 10 day ema is pointing down

    method: i will try to get in before the open and hold until a few minutes before the close where i will then transfer into my next trade which looks to be BTO Blackstone Group (BX).
  3. 1. write me a check for $245k.
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    nah...not the point...just do the opposite of me and you will *surly* get it.
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    BTO SPY @ 133.40
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    well the first day of my test is not going so well...

    p/l@11:30 +2331.00
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    STC SPY @133.22

    Moving to tomorrows trade:
    BTO BX @ 15.81

    BX has an earnings announcement before the open and it is quite a volatile stock so this one should prove interesting.
  8. At least someone finally came up with a realistic goal for these journals.
  9. I'm voting for the comedy option of becoming a multi millionaire.
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    I am trying to do a little with the whole random walk/drunkards walk and allow for Brownian motion to "do its thing". Its funny how people will disregard someone because general consensus states otherwise.
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