How To Turn $100,000 Into $48 Million

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  1. Here is your formula for turning $100,000 into $48 million, Michael Steinhardt style:

    1. You execute and gain a knowledge edge.

    2. And you do this at a 30% average annual rate every year for 28 years.

    3. Then you break this down to quarterly and monthly performance benchmarks for 28 years.

    4. And then (and this is Steinhardt's edge) you put unthinkable pressure on yourself to perform and execute at this level every hour, of every day, of every week, of every month, of every quarter, of every year, for 28 straight years.

    Few people are willing to play at this extreme level. But for those who are (like Michael Steinhardt), the results speak for themselves.

    Read the whole story here

    Also for those who are interested, I have a link to a company that I have been working with for the last few months that has a similar approach to trading. I like what I have seen so far but we shall see.
  2. ARE those guys "kingdom capital" reLATed to

    WADE COOK ??

    there philosphy, sites and assinine promises are practically identical. wait 'till the SEC sees how they are running their hedge fund------ hehehehehe.

    tally HO,

  3. cool. tell tell how?
  4. Awesome, an entire website devoted to an inferior option strategy, simply AWESOME.

    Please, do not mention Steinhardt and pump your -edge methodology in same post.


  5. wonder if Steinhardt knows he is being affilated with those clowns ??

  6. Hey guys chill ... Im just a paying member.

    I like the compounding aspects of 30 - 40 % returns overtime, it sounds good to me, so I'm trying it out.

    Are they real? I don't have a clue yet.

    The article on Steinhardt just got me pumped more on the concept so I made the post.

    And Marketsurfer your a joke if anybody is a self toting hype artist its you. I would shut my mouth.

    I have nothing to gain with my posts unlike you and your ridicules web site do you think we don't know how affiliate programs work you fool.

  7. i recieve no compensation for referals from my site, just the knowledge that i am providing helpful information. maybe i should be paid, i do get tons of hits every day.

    best wishes compounding "aspects" of 30-40 % returns over time. ROFL!!

    thanks for the plug, but once again PLEASE stop mentioning steinhardt in the same vein as "kingdom capital". there is nothing whatsoever similar.

    surfer :eek:
  8. You stated you were, "working with them" so it's hardly semantics.

    Steinhardt didn't amass his wealth thru CC-trading. He was a macro hedge fund manager utilizing tremendous leverage thru wirehouse credit lines.

    A CC is an inferior strategy -- it's arb(=) to a same-strike short put, yet requires more commish, add'l -edge due to two added legs(stock/call) and carry on the long stock.

    CC = synth short put
    short put = synth CC

    Don't get caught up in the hype, it just that, baseless hype.


  9. yes, very true. however, i don't think those guys use "covered calls" LOL !

    surfer :D
  10. Riskarb ... Your right bad choice of words on my part. I should have said I've been a subscriber for a few months.

    I guess my real interest from the board members is to find out if anyone thinks it is possible to intermittently make 8% per month through Covered Calls if one where to be able to gauge GENERAL market direction correctly.

    It seems to me that's what Steinhardt was referring to when he talked about gaining knowledge and an edge and look to make 30% annual returns not knock the ball out the park everyday.

    The concept seems close .....

    Any thoughts ???
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