How to Train for a $75k Career, #2 Financial Managers

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    Jobs Two, Three and Four???? hmmm

    Are there still positions out there for these 75k+ jobs that one can "TRAIN" for. They make it sound so easy, as to go out get a new degree a little training and before you know it your on the road to a great new successful career.

    Amelia Gray needs to wake up and take a look around and notice where jobs arent going to be over the next decade.

    Finance Managers????

    Sales Managers?????

    Marketing Managers?????

    How to Train for a $75k Career
    By Amelia Gray
    How to Train for a $75k Career

    Dreaming of a career that rewards you for your knowledge? Wake up and check out these top careers. The secret to landing a $75k career isn't really a secret at all; with the right degrees and training, you could be on your way to your dream job.

    Check out six of the top careers that will have you earning over $75,000 and loving what you do. Salary and state statistics are from 2008 and by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) unless otherwise noted.
    Career #1: Computer and Information Systems Managers

    Combine technical knowledge with management and leadership ability as a computer and information systems manager. You'll use your education and experience in the IT industry to move up to management, where you'll watch over a team dedicated to improving the technology behind the business. A bachelor's degree in management information systems is recommended, and many managers go on to get an M.B.A. with a technology component.

    * BLS mean annual wage: $118,710
    * Top paying states: New York, New Jersey, California, Virginia

    Career #2: Financial Managers

    Take charge of the finances of a business or department as a financial manager. Businesses look to you to coordinate investments, insurance, accounting, banking, and more. You'll always have an eye on your bottom line and an ability to withstand stress. A bachelor's degree in finance or accounting will get your foot in the door, but many managers hold an M.B.A. or a related master's degree in economics, risk management, or finance.

    * BLS mean annual wage: $110,640
    * Top paying states: New York, New Jersey, Delaware, California

    Career #3: Sales Managers

    Put your people skills to the test by going into sales and working your way up to management. As a sales manager, you supervise a team with the dedicated goal of selling a product or service. It's up to you to create training programs, analyze sales statistics, and help your team meet their true potential. Sales managers typically hold a bachelor's degree in sales or marketing, and many go on to earn an M.B.A. in marketing.

    * BLS mean annual wage: $110,390
    * Top paying states: New York, Massachusetts, Florida, New Jersey

    Career #4: Marketing Managers

    Before the sales managers have a chance to sell the product, you and your team will point them in the right direction. Marketing managers use research to determine demand, identify customers, create pricing strategies, and prepare materials that will be used by the sales team. Many at the management level hold an M.B.A. in marketing. Get your foot in the door as a research analyst with a bachelor's degree in marketing.

    * BLS mean annual wage: $118,160
    * Top paying states: New York, New Jersey, California, Delaware

    Career #5: Civil Engineers

    Create and control the civil systems we use every day, from traffic lights to massive bridges. Your mind for mathematics and spatial ability will serve you well as a civil engineer, as will a four-year degree. With experience, you could even head a team of engineers as you plan larger projects. A bachelor's degree in civil engineering is recommended for all but the most basic technical positions.

    * BLS mean annual wage: $78,560
    * Top paying states: District of Columbia, Louisiana, California, Nevada

    Career #6: Air Traffic Controllers

    Direct mid-air traffic and keep airports running safely and efficiently as an air traffic controller. These skilled workers come from a range of fields; some have flying or military experience, while others work directly out of school. Education is required for most air traffic controllers, who need to have work or college experience before enrolling in a dedicated controller training program.

    * BLS mean annual wage: $108,090
    * Top paying states: Illinois, New Hampshire, Minnesota, California

    While no job can guarantee a particular career or salary, completing a career training program now can mean big benefits down the line. Hiring and promotions managers in the above fields generally prefer or require some educational experience. Earning your education now means you may not need to go back to school in order to secure one of these top jobs.
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    Unless you want to really deal with the headaches of managing others you can expect just to be a 50-60k a year drone at best. Corporate America is dead.
  3. Majority of corporate America is a waste of the little talent that may trickle in...
  4. Where does the talent go?

    I agree with you, by the way, but am curious where you think it's going.
  5. Anyone with half a brain and at least one friend in the business is most likely going to small botique firms, start-up ventures or trying to put their own business together ... there are those who are going back for more advanced degrees or retraining as well (just how "educated" can you be? ... LOL).