How to trade your entire account?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by zook, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. zook


    Ok, so I trade with TDAmeritrade. I have a small problem.

    I want to trade my entire account. I have 30k, and I do the max 4 to 1 intraday about 120k.

    I put all my money into one stock, however TDAmeritrade doesn't calculate the amount of shares I can purchase automatically. It takes me about 25 seconds, to switch from one screen to another then to calculate how much I can buy. That's a ton of wasted time. Is there any broker or way I can set this up faster? The amount of money I have in my account is constantly changing because I am always in and out.
  2. I would HIGHLY advise against trading this way. I've never been one for leverage, but I frequently used to put with my entire account in a position or two--very, very, very dangerous, you are asking for trouble
  3. 120000 / share price = shares

    use a handy calculator

    ^ that is a pain in the !@#$
  4. zook


    Ha, it's not that easy. I might have made $500 in the last position. I want to able to apply this instantly. However the way its all set up the margin is instantly increased as well, so then you calculate that, plus I want to use the max; not one share possible left on the table.
  5. Don't play on margin or put all your eggs in one basket. Lucrative yes when it works and you scalp a .10 move and make a few g's in 5 minutes but it can burn you.

    But maybe it works for you so go for it. I'm a loser trader anyway.