How to trade your account to $100,000 in one month - GUARANTEED

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  1. Start with $500,000.
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    How do you guarantee this, for example what if I trade my account to $600,000?
    Then what?
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    IMG_8553.PNG IMG_8553.PNG
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    Or you can simply learn how to trade and do it slowly but surely.

    Just remember, for every dollar you lose someone needs to make it.
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    Try 10,000,000 for 100K "guaranteed", in swinging, using a 1% R:R per trade profile..
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    It shows the trade summary of the day.
    P & S = Purchase and sale summary.
    then shows how much contracts you traded of each (bought and sold), Instrument (ENQ is Nasdaq, EP is S&P), then the most important line: Your profitability for the day.

    PS, my trading fees alone require me to make $250+ just to break even.
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    Welp, good on ya' then. Nice trading...? Sure, green is good.
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