How to trade the US Dollar Index with CSI data

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  1. Hello,

    Based on my tradingplan I place all my orders outside of the regular trading hours to be executed at the markets opening session. I am focusing currently on future contracts only.
    So far so good, I don't have any issues to place the orders on commodities, but when looking to the US Dollar Index I am somehow stucked to get my orders executed at the market's open and here is why:

    US Dollar Index is traded on ICE US Exchange 21 hours per day
    Trading in New York starts at 08:00pm and ends the next day at 05:00pm (EST/EDT)
    Daily settlement: 14:59pm - 15:00pm as far as I know during this period the closing price for the day will be generated by using a weighted average.

    Based on the information from the exchange there is just, best case, a 3 hour time window
    to place an order that will be executed when the next session starts.

    But there is another problem when looking to my dataprovider CSI
    According to their website they release the price information from the previous day at 08:00pm EST, exactly when the new session starts.....

    I don't know if I am currently misinterpret the given information, but if I am right there is simply no way to analyze the previoud data and to be ready for the next session.

    Would be great if somebody experienced could provide mr some comments if my current view us correct.

    thanks a lot to all of you
  2. Hi,
    Really nobody trades EOD currency futures?

    Another example: How do you trade the Australian dollar (A6) on GLBX, market is open 23 hours from 05:00pm-04:00pm. How do you guys manage to have the daily bar available before the market opens again?