How to trade the fractional reserve system

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  1. Best way is to work at a bank in the IT department although if you're smart you could do it from customer service or other department.

    A few ways to go about it, but here's a basic idea:
    - create a customer account with a debit card (could open this on the legit).
    - write a tiny program to add digits to that account outside of database batch operations. after 15 minutes or so, return the digits.

    That'll give you 15 minutes every day to max out the ATM or charge gold/silver overseas. That would work for getting money out of the system.

    You want to stay underneath the round-offs on all management reports. Also realize there will be a discrepancy between ATM receipts and cash. If you're smart, you could handle that programmatically.

    Realize the bank doesn't actually lose any money. What is happening here is inflation creation. Spread the loss across the population and no one will realize what's happening.

    Wire transfers do hold a possibility for a one-time hit. Might start legit and get alternate passport. $250k if you know where to go.

    That should give you some ideas.
  2. If you happen to work for a large corporation (medical claims hold some good trading opportunities), create a vendor account and cut yourselves some checks. They'll mail them right to you. If you're smart and confident, set up a business account at your local bank. Make sure to pay your taxes so you'll want lots of "expenses".

    I think you can figure it out from there.
  3. lsat step:wire the money to my account.
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