How to trade the EUR now

Discussion in 'Forex' started by irniger, Mar 17, 2013.

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    What are your opinions on how the EUR will trade next week?

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    Watch the weekly turn, then decide, no reason to anticipate.
  3. with how things are turning out I humbly say with all due honesty "I HAVE NO IDEA AT ALL" that EUR is one heck of roller coster :D but I might give it a week or two before going back to the EURUSD
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    At least the non-EUR pairs are tradeable as usual at present. AUD, GBP, JPY
  5. I'm long from 2892

    have a limit in to buy some more at 2815

    had to go all the way out to the daily chart for this one to make sense

    That eur is hard to read in here

    the way it held up after cypress gives me a bullish bias

    but eventually, just like everything else it must go down

    but in forex, down is just a relative term

    I think the other guy had it right, they need crisis after crisis to keep it below 1.4

    I'm betting on a range of 1.24 to 1.31

    if you like action, you haven't been disappointed

    in real life I trade 80 to 120 pip increments, but over in my paper account I run the same strategy with 10 pip intervals. Monday thru Wed it didn't matter if you were long or short, there was money to be made.

    but like the man said, "You gotta be in to win."
  6. I'm short from 2964 with a limit in to sell some more at 2988
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  8. no kidding, everybody should watch the one day 15 minute, and wait for one of those big candles, especially at odd hours and ask yourself if you really want to trade forex

    and that is just another reason why I never use stops, once they start, it's hard to stop them

    so EUR will be on my quarantine list for a while, just don't touch it, don't add, don't subtract

    and that is why I always trade multiple positions, something else will have to move to compensate. It may not turn me into a winner, but it softens the blow on big moves against like that
  9. I`d defenitely buy on a pullback.
  10. well, if that's what you want to do, all you have to do is put in a limit buy down there somewhere.

    Since you definitely want to buy on a pullback, where is your limit buy order?
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