How to trade super fast?

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  1. I am studying and training myself for daytrading and want to trade super fast... I am using InteractiveBrokers...

    Any tips? Thanks!
  2. Use an API.
  3. No I am trying to train myself. Not using an auto-program. It's important to train myself to be fast and cultivate the feel about the market movement.
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    An API is not an auto trader. It's an Application Progam Interface, that allows you to use other third party applications for manual order entry, among other things.

    I left you a few suggestions on your other thread.
  5. no, IB's API is horrible and even I can do programming, that's still horrible. The document is missing.

  6. Come to assent LLC if you trade equities and their options.

    We use anvil here. It sounds like what you are looking for.

    I use hotkeys to enter orders. I also have a futures and options account open with IB, and yeah its slow to enter orders :) I realy dont mind tho.

    Only thing with assent is they deal only with options and equity, not futures.
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    learn to draw trendlines,really very simple,then watch how your instrument reacts to them now put on a trade...thats the easy your lost and anxious so take the trade make a plan and stick to it your not so anxious and you can think straight...good luck
  8. Configure/HotKeys in TWS.
    Then pratice, practice...
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    every system allows you to program hot keys. go with the best service pricing and product. youll find only a small handful offer all 3.
  10. How to draw trendlines in IB? and how to tell IB that once the price hits some points on the trendline, it should buy or sell?
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