how to trade futures

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by halfstep, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. halfstep


    Hi, I am learning to trade commodities.
    can anyone give me resources that can educate me on how to trade commodities, babypip style.

    i am not talking about how to make money in the market, i am talking about the actual rules and how future trading is performed. eg how to actually execute order and how to buy and sell.

    I understand the basic ideas of commodity trading, it is a bit different from FX. but there are still things i don't understand, for example, If i see a instrument i want to trade, how do i know which monthly contract to trade? when people are looking at a commodity chart, are they looking at spot price or contract pricesÉ
  2. schizo


    The first thing you should do is hop over to the exchange where the instrument you want to trade is listed. More often than not, all the information can be found there including other general resources. For example, here's the link to CME education resources:

    Note that CME Group, the parent of CME, gobbled up both CBOT and NYMEX. As such, you'll most likely find information on most futures-related questions on their website.