How to trade forex immediately

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  1. I've looked at Oanda, Dukascopy, Interactive Brokers but they all take at least a few business days to process your application. I need to start trading immediately as I believe something significant will happen in the markets today.

    Which reputable broker that offers low commissions can I join today and start trading with immediately?

    Many Thanks!
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  2. Not sure if trolling but this is ridiculous. All brokers must perform due diligence on their prospective clients.
  3. No of course I'm not trolling, I opened an account with and they approved me immediately however I've now heard bad things about them so is there anyone similar who approves immediately but is actually reputable?
  4. I agree that he will not be able to trade "immediately" but to suggest these firms do due diligence is a joke. Have a pulse? Funds are cleared? Come right this way!

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    Market isn't going anywhere. If all your trading plan includes profiting from this upcoming move whichever way it may be, then I am tempted to think you're in for a surprise. Considering you don't have an account means you're a newbie. A newbie getting excited about one event that he believes is going to make him tonnes is a recipe for disaster in my opinion. Get a hold of your emotions and open a proper account with a reputable broker. Then, when you are ready, transfer those funds you're so eager to get to the broker to traders who are better than you. It's an inevitability as far as I can discern. As the saying goes: Never be in a hurry to do something stupid.

    My words are probably not going to make you change your mind. There's a learning process we all must go through, and it's not that easy to short circuit it. Your wonderful journey is about to begin.

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  6. I'm a newbie but I did my research beforehand albeit it quite late.

    I was right. The move I anticipated was that the GBP/ USD would fall significantly from what it was when I originally started this thread due to the US government inevitably announcing that they had reached a deal. I could have almost doubled my money!!!

    Ah well, at least I did the trade on a demo account so I can fantasize about all the money I would have made
  7. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I have traded through before and never had any issues with them.
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    I found them really worrying. withdraw cash immediately.

    not sure how company that is around 10+ years can have such a bad service.
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    You've been spared.
  10. How was I spared? I almost doubled my demo account doing the exact same thing I would have done with a live account
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