How to trade exotic currencies?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Daal, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. Daal


    South african rand, Hungarian forint, cyprus pound, etc.
    Everbank is no good right now
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    see saxobank
  3. There are some exotics over at the Big O

    large variable spreads...but the exotics do not move a pip at a time...more like a block at a time...hehe

    Lately, I stay with the majors personally...but to each their own.

    Would the thread starter like this moved to the "Forex Brokers" section? or do you want to discuss trading?

    Did Everbank have Forex trading and why isn't it any good now, were there some changes?

    Are you an "interest earned" trader?

    Michael B.
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    You can move if you want. Everbank has CDs which I think is a little better, saxo seems good but I'm not wealthy yet
  5. I am here to serve you...I thought that you might get some more answers over at the Broker section. Let me know...for now I will leave it here...maybe we can discuss trading too? no?

    how do you trade the exotics? You seem to be looking for positive interest differentials need a lot of money for that don't you?

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    Your right, that's I'm after, with CDs I wouldn't need a lot of money but everbank wont take non US citizens or residents. saxo also banned my country for some reason
  7. Do you have a strategy of carry methodology to overcome the value changes in the instruments themselves...or do you use very little leverage and wait for the interest earned to keep pace with the value change...?

    Do you find that the value change overcomes the interest earned and causes you to be in a non liquid situation for years waiting for the interest to catch up? just to breakeven you consider yourself at risk that the interest rates could change during the carry?

    Michael B.

  8. Gft seem to be the only mob with those sort of exotics. I breifly looked into the feasability of it, the only way it would work i think is position/momentum trading (positive interest only) off weekly charts .
    Cd's, contracts for difference, yeah?

    look up gft's sister company in the uk, i dont think its allowed to mention them here, they have all sorts of products the us mob dont-yeah yeah, bucketshop etc, but what are you gonna do
  9. Daal


    just want to take advantage of currencies like BRL which in 2003 was considered very 'unstable' was paying 25% a year and appreciated siginificatly against the USD to this day(still paying 13%). I wouldn't have the courage to buy in 2003(and I'm brazilian!) but in 2004 a lot of hedge funds had it on
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