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  1. xyannix


    I currently day trade US Markets. Equities, Options, Futures Etc.

    I am moving to Europe and was wondering where I start learning how to trade Europe?

    Which exchange?

    Where should I get my news from?

    Are options on european equities liquid?

    I currently use newsstrike, briefing, and DJ newswire.

    Any help or direction is much appreciated.

    My other option is to just trade the US markets starting at 2pm.
  2. ITR2744


    You can trade European markets easily with InteractiveBrokers.
  3. Your question(s) are too vague.

    The Stoxx 50 moves slow and extremely liquid similar to ES. The Dax is a race car, faster than ER2. Watch CNBC Europe or Sky News, Bloomberg is best if it's available. You can trade currencies in their best time zone from London open.
  4. xyannix


    I currently trade with IB so i have access to European stocks.

    Would the dax and the stocks that make it up be comparable to trading nasdas stocks.

    I trade alot of the high volitile stocks like POT, MOS, PRU, FCX etc.

    Where would I look for those types of stocks in europe.

    Also where would I find a good news source like newsstrike.
  5. I don't trade stocks just futures and currencies.
  6. You could use ransquawk for europe and or tradethenews
  7. xyannix


    Thank you!!!
  8. tax-haven


    First of, I would go and open a bank account with one of the major banks in Europes, most of them will provide a state of the art banking platform where you will be able trade too!
  9. phu780


    I would think trading the afternoon session (U.S. markets) is the best option, epecially if you like to sleep in!
  10. xyannix


    I dont particularly like to sleep in but I and going to be doing that just because those are the markets i know, I figure I will be bored in the morning so i ought to learn the Euro markets and start working normal hours.
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