How to trade cryptocurrencies now as the "buy and hold" seems to be over for a long time?

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    Daytrading is dangerous and not really cost effective, isn't it?
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    WTF does that statement even mean ?
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    Daytrading with cryptocurrencies ...
  4. Isn't the time it takes to get a trade completed a defeating issue?
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    Yes, I think so too ...
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    there are some very depressed and lonely people on ET. with your question, you may push them over the line to commit suicide. is that your goal?
  7. You don't day trade plain vanilla stocks...this isn't the 90's anymore; there is no range or movement or volatility.
    You have to do that with more fancy instruments, that provide those things.

    Day trading is the toughest way to trade in this whole financial casino...because the element of luck or emotion or craziness and ambiguity plays a much bigger role.
    It's so easy to be tossed around and whiplashed o_O by the big, bitchy, moody, mysterious market.

    Some very rare people are able to make an absolute killing though doing this...lookup Japanese traders CIS and BNF.
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    Completely true, so what to do now in crypto currencies area?
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    Everything you do is dangerous if you have no clue what you are doing. And thinking you know what you do is not enough. The proof is in the pudding.
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    Interesting, crypto is the new retail forex and bringing out the same kind of people/questions.
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