How to trade crypto in the times of falling prices and lower volatility?

Discussion in 'Crypto Assets' started by lojze, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. lojze


    hould we rest on the sidelines for the next half a year?
  2. S2007S


    Just wait for the great collapse then maybe go in... until then no need to rush in..... remember every one of those cryptocurrency coins is a magical made up fairytale.....
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  3. What is currency? An agreed upon medium of exchange. Cryptos fit this description.
  4. just21


    30th January korean exchanges open up for new accounts.
    16th February Lunar New Year. Seasonality turns up after this date.
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  5. Good spot. Korean and Asian markets are the biggest drivers, imo. They tend to pull in during the end of the year, believing it's better luck to start in the new year - Feb. 16.
    Marked on calendar.
  6. bozhkov


    this bubble might collapse and never restore
  7. Fileiro


    When prices in crypto-currencies are falling you BUY.

    It's a bull market, you know...
  8. lojze


    Not in crypto however.
  9. S2007S


    That's a possibility..... sometimes after a bubble pops that happens and with cryptocurrency that's more of a possibility than say real estate or equities