How To Trade Being In The Zone

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    One of my secret to trading is that I've figured out a method to get myself into a mental state I called being "in the zone". Being in the zone allows me to trade at an almost superhuman level of focus and discipline which gives me a huge advantage over other traders. What do I mean by zone? Well, according to Wikipedia being in the zone is like this concept called Flow:


    Trading in the zone is how I'm able to make consistent returns like these:
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    Your mental state of mind is thee single most important variable that will determine your success, or lack thereof. Now that you've found your mental zone don't forget about your physical zone. That venture starts with adopting the, are you ready for this? The Zone Diet. Go figure. If you think your results are good while you're in the mental zone wait until you see how good you perform when you get into the double zone.

    Trading is a sport. As such, you have to be conditioned to excel in this sport. Balance your carbs, fats, and proteins. Get plenty of exercise and sleep and your current level of success will be magnified probably 2-fold. Good trading and good eating!
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    And also, even though BSAM will probably be along shortly to call me a witch doctor, once you master the mental zone you will develop an intuitive ability to read and trade the markets that dwarfs what you currently refer to as the mental zone. The markets are nothing more than an extention of the metaphysical world. Yes! I've been called heavy. Start here and get ready to get in touch with the metaphysical world you seek to conquer. You'll be amazed with the results when you develop the ability to completely empty your mind and let you connection with physical world dictate your actions in a thoughtless, intuitive, fluid way. After all, the human body is nothing more than a collection of molecules and atoms found in the physical world. The majority seek to separate themselves from this world. Your journey starts here:

    Good trading and good meditating.
  4. in surfing at the beach

    riding the up

    in trading--- it's cut your losses and let your profits run.

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    You forgot:

    1. buy low, sell high; buy high, sell higher
    2. the trend is your friend
    3. sell in May and go away
    4. bulls and bears make money, pigs get slaughtered

    Should I keep going? There's loads more of those useless POS trading cliches' If your trading is based on some sort of cliche you'll soon be full of piss and vinegar. You need to relentlessly study the behavior of price movement and relentlessly train yourself to take advantage of it.

  6. you must become the market the ES you must BECOME the ES, learn to think like it. Must get inside the chart and crawl around...
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    Nice try – but you are full of shit

    I imaging now your response to me will be something along the lines of ; Okay you stupid ass so what exactly is trading in the zone

    To wit I would respond;

    Being in the zone is simply having a clear mind (quieted thoughts)…, so past actions never encumber current actions…, current actions never encumber future actions…, while you are simply listening to…, and trading price…

    Always within..., and always based up - the contex, and rules you create


    If your “secret” is part of the system you’re attempting to sell – buyers are royally screwed – as far as I know mind meld is not possible except on star trek

    On another note


    Trading is not a sport – it’s only about making money – while also knowing you have to risk money to make money…

    I have no clue what high/ low is…, or what the trend is for that matter – unless I have specific context….


    I am a dumbass redneck – it is physically impossible for me to become the market…, nor do I really want to….

    But I absolutely agree; Totally immersing oneself is the only way one should approach learning – anything….

    Just my simple minded thoughts

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    Your secret to trading in the zone is that in your sim account you can average down and trade without stops and stroke your ego with consistent profitability, the likes of which you cannot duplicate in a live account.

    I challenge you to set your sim account to $10K, trade for one week with live calls here and produce a positive result.
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    I don't accept your challenge. Sorry.l
  10. that is a good advice, since this is what I live by on!
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